Business meetings between parties in distant locations can be frustrating and inefficient when communicating via telephone. TelePresence technology can change the way that long-distance business meetings are held. TelePresence is a form of video conferencing that has been further developed to a higher quality system.

In a TelePresence meeting, advanced audio and visual components are installed and integrated to output a high-quality conferencing system that will allow for a meeting to be held with parties in different locations. This technology will give the perception that the meeting is being held in person. The audio and visual reception in TelePresence is of the highest possible quality so that the video of the person you are conferencing with is clear and the voice of that person or people is audible. The meeting can go on without delays, technical problems, and unclear reception of the video and audio components.

In addition to the high quality that comes standard with a TelePresence technology system, it is also very user-friendly. Once a TelePresence system has been installed in each location, participants of the meeting will dial in to a specific number that has been designated to that meeting. The benefits of this type of conferencing are endless. It can cut costs as there is no need to travel from one location to the next, which in turn also reduces the business’ carbon footprint creating a more environmentally conscious workplace.

At the same time, the visual aspect of these meetings allows for visual interpretation of things such as body language and facial expression that you are unable to get in a simple telephone conference. Similarly, TelePresence could be used to give demonstrations or conferences in which visual and audio components are necessary. The crisp and clear audio component, when paired with this visual aspect, allows for full interpersonal communication at the same caliber of the communication between those who are physically present in the room. The only thing you can’t do is shake hands!

TelePresence is particularly great for business meetings, but this is not the only applicable use for this cutting edge technology. There are many situations in which TelePresence is both sensible and efficient. This technology has proven useful in education, for example, where a class trip might be dangerous or the distance could be too great. TelePresence could be used in this situation to give a demonstration, tour, or lecture from a remote location. It has also been utilized for educators to communicate across distances in order to discuss and learn different techniques and topics.

This is the technology that is also being used by doctors to help save lives. Particularly favored by the military, robotic surgical mechanisms can be remote controlled. TelePresence technology can be utilized in this form so that a remote surgeon is able to visualize the surgery from another location and control the robotic surgeon. This is a groundbreaking and particularly effective use of TelePresence technology.

Regardless of what way this technology is used, it is indefinitely a valuable and useful technology that could be advantageous to many different professionals in a wide variety of businesses and services. The seamless integration of different audio and visual components is necessary to achieve the full benefits of this state of the art technology.