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How to Use Audiovisual Installations in Training and Talent Development

Imagine attending a rock concert only to find the band standing awkwardly in front of a beige wall under harsh fluorescent lighting. No smoke. No lasers. No light show. Just a loud, disengaging experience.

In much the same way, modern workplaces have become married to idea of audio-visual tech being the norm. It’s no longer reserved for trendy startups, it’s just expected that AV tech plays some type of role in the way an office or institution operates.

This subject becomes particularly vital in the arena of talent acquisition and training. Below we’ve laid out just how crucial an audiovisual installation is to your workplace.

It Creates an Alluring Image of Your Business

Lobbies, conference rooms, and congregation spaces can all benefit from an AV makeover.

Guests and partners will see your digital signage as an up-to-date bugle of what your company is currently working on. New hires will get the sense that they’re signing on to a progressive, tech-savvy company. And tenured employees will feel as though they work in an organized environment, one that takes care to cultivate an atmosphere of fun and creativity.

Huddle Spaces – an Audiovisual Installation Dream

If you don’t know, “huddle spaces” are a newer concept in how an office functions. The idea is to create smaller, more intimate rooms packed with simple tech. The tech should be seamless, uncluttered and free of messy wires.

The advantage to these rooms is the ability to jump in and out of meetings with small groups of 2-4. They typically don’t require booking so that spontaneity in the workplace is facilitated and excelled by the use of the room.

With beautifully engineered products like Crestron’s Mercury console, employees can refine a presentation or hoop on a video conference all while using their personal devices to display their work. And versatile tools like interactive whiteboards foster a vibrant, visually effective brainstorming session.

In short, the AV design so harmoniously integrated that it simply gets out of the way. 

Corporate Training

The corporate training industry is set to grow by 9.92% by 2022. What that means for business is that your workforce has to stay current or the company risks falling out of step with its industry.

Cloud technology is vital in its ability to train remote and mobile workers 24/7. Workforces are becoming more and more multi-generational, creating the need for smarter and more effective learning solutions.

Whether for product demonstrations or continuing education, the ability to access educational tools at a moment’s notice will help your company stay nimble. Audiovisual training rooms and labs are also the most cost-effective way to educate your workforce as they don’t require staff to operate. It has also shown to be more effective too.

In fact, information given in a visual format has a 6x greater retention rate than mere audible presentations. Those are undeniable results!

Don’t Fall Behind

Audiovisual installations might seem scary and overwhelming but that’s where AVSI shines. We’ll recommend and define your needs with simplicity to achieve a greater level of connectedness.

Let us show you how.