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How You Can Improve Employee Communication with In Office Paging Systems

Carl’s lunch exploded in the office kitchen.

The entire room is on fire but the fire alarm is compromised.

Activate danger mode.

This is office training 101. What do you do?

You may think to call, email, or shout down the hall for help. These options may work sometimes but they aren’t foolproof.

What’s the most effective tool for office communication in times of crises?

Invest in a paging system. Even better, a paging system that can even be managed remotely.

Yes, really.

Today paging systems can contact your employees when they are connected to the cloud. They are the best way to handle emergencies in the workplace.

If you’re in charge, you need to share information right away to reduce harm to your employees.

I’m going to tell you why every office should use paging systems for any emergency.

Employee Communication During Emergencies

Your office communication runs smoothly on a day to day basis. Your employees use emails, phone calls, and messenger apps to collaborate.

But what if an emergency affects your traditional modes of communication?

When your phone has no reception a paging system will still send out an alert.

I say “office pager” and you think “outdated”. However, a lot has changed with paging systems thanks to the internet.

Now you can set up your in office paging system using the cloud.

Cloud computing allows you to access services or application remotely through the internet. A paging system with cloud computing power will get your message to your employees.

Why You Should Have a Paging System

If your team can’t communicate effectively during an emergency you’re in trouble. And so are your employees.

At any moment your workplace can experience an act of violence, a medical emergency, or a fire.

When an emergency unfolds you need to spread information to everyone who is at risk.

It’s your responsibility to invest in equipment that keeps everyone safe. Office pagers provide that safety. These devices offer direct mass communication.

The benefits of office paging systems:

  • Quick access to send out an update
  • Easy automation to control information about an urgent situation
  • Broad reach when other modes of communication are not working
  • Zoning allows you to share an alert with one group or several groups

Stressful situations can blur your ability to make sound choices. It can be difficult to craft a company email. There’s always the chance that the individual employee you call doesn’t answer.

Paging systems drastically improve response times. Office pagers connected to the cloud use an internet server to send out alerts. With little effort any affect wing in your company when be immediately informed.

Office Communication Review

Expect the unexpected.

You need to identify resources to be able to keep your employees in the loop.

It’s time to take emergency communication to the next level and get an office paging system.

Paging systems simplify employee communication and improve building security.

Paging systems powered by the cloud are the best way to operate during an emergency.

Not sure about adopting these devices? Get more information on office pagers here. If you’re interested in cloud operating systems, contact us for more information.