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cloud computing for small business

Cloud Computing: Why You Need It and How to Get It

Cloud computing is child prodigy of the internet. It is brilliant, constantly developing and just like its parent, it is becoming more and more essential to modern business. So what is cloud computing? Like its name, the meaning is slightly nebulous.

emergency paging system

Danger, Will Robinson! Why You Should Include an Emergency Paging System in Your Emergency Response Plan

Emergencies are an unavoidable part of life. No matter where you live, disasters, be they natural or caused by humans, can happen. And, while we cannot avoid them, we can prepare ourselves to deal with them when they come. If

emergency response center

What Is an Emergency Response Center?

Want to learn more about emergency response centers? Did you know that natural disasters caused over $306 billion worth of damage in the US last year? Federal aid claims jumped tenfold from the year before. California’s Tubbs fire, alone, destroyed