5 Ways Telepresence Could Change Your Work Life

Telepresence is no longer the subject of science fiction. Experienced AV installers can help your business select an audiovisual system that can give you true telepresence capabilities.

A typical telepresence system includes a large video conference wall for viewing the other party in the teleconference, as well as speakers for sound. A system will also need a high-resolution camera and at least one microphone to collect sound. These all connect to an audiovisual integrator where they are combined and converted to a digital signal. The signal goes to a server that is connected via high speed connection to the Internet. The server runs videoconferencing software that communicates to the system on the other end. The server decodes the signal received from the other system so that the video and audio sync up.

The benefits of telepresence are not limited to its “wow” factor. Telepresence can give your business many tangible benefits. Here are five ways telepresence can improve the way you work:

Increase Productivity

Meetings are essential to coordinate and manage employees’ efforts. However, face-to-face meetings can be a drain on productivity. Consider your typical daily schedule, then consider how disruptive a two-hour meeting can be to that schedule. Even the most efficiently conducted face-to-face meeting can consume more time than it should.

Telepresence, however, allows participation in a meeting via audio visual technology. By eliminating stragglers who can delay the start of a meeting and excusing participants as their role ends, meetings can be conducted in a more efficient and productive way.

Work Remotely

There are two eternal truths to running a business. First, you need time away from the office, like vacations, to recharge your batteries. Second, as soon as you leave the office, someone at work needs you.

An audiovisual system in your office that provides telepresence can give the best of both worlds. As long as you can get a data connection, whether through the Internet or broadband cellular, you can be available to anyone in your office. You could be on a beach in France or fishing in Alaska and still be accessible for work.


True multi-tasking is difficult since many projects require your full attention to handle properly. However, for those tasks that do not require your full attention, such as commuting by train or ride share, your time can be used more productively through telepresence.

For example, if a project needs your review to proceed and your entire team is waiting for your approval, you can multi-task by conducting your review via your in-office audiovisual system while commuting. This allows your team to continue its work without waiting for your physical arrival.

Save Money

In the long run, you will likely find that an audiovisual system providing telepresence saves your business money. Using telepresence rather than traveling between your business’s branch offices can help you reduce or eliminate travel budgets.

Moreover, remember that your clients, customers, and business partners are probably investing in video conferencing walls and other audiovisual systems. The ability to interface with them electronically rather than making physical sales calls or holding face-to-face meetings helps them to manage their time and you to manage your travel expenses.

Closer Collaboration

One of the greatest benefits of both telepresence and cloud computing is that they can provide closer collaboration than face-to-face meetings.

Cloud-based team management software and collaborative tools, such as remote desktops and real time editing software, can be used with audio visual systems to cooperate on a project even when the participants are geographically remote. In fact, 80% of companies that use cloud-based services see improvements within their IT departments in about six months

For example, a slide show or business presentation can be revised in real time using these tools between employees in the U.S. and business partners on the other side of the world. The business partners would not only gain insight into the reasons for any edits, but would also receive coaching on making the presentation as it is reviewed. In this respect, the project would be a true collaboration with communication running both ways.

Audio visual systems can be created that can provide all the benefits of telepresence to your business. This will make you and your employees more productive, efficient, accessible, and collaborative. These systems can also save money compared to traveling.