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Communication Technology – How it Can Grow Your Business

Companies today need to find fresh and innovative ways to both expand and stay competitive. No longer can a business depend solely on its reputation to bring in new customers. Businesses both big and small are turning to communication as a way to grow. Using cutting edge technology has allowed many companies to deliver their product more quickly and reliably, as well as give their staff a competitive advantage. There are a number of different technologies a business can choose from, some of which include:

– Video Conferencing.
Video conferencing is becoming a popular alternative to using a telephone. Instead of placing a call over the telephone network, video conferencing equipment uses the Internet to transmit voice and data. A video conference works like a traditional phone call but uses a video telephone. A video telephone has a microphone and speaker, but also has a camera, enabling face-to-face communication. There are two types of video conferencing: point to point, which involves two people, and multi-point conferencing, which has three or more people and forms a virtual meeting room. Video conferencing equipment was relatively expensive until the mid 90’s and is predicted to become one of the fastest growing computer industries in the workplace. Videoconferencing allows for people to have more personal conversations, which is essential to many business transactions.

– Conference room projectors.
Although a company may have a revolutionary idea, it will be impossible for them to sell their product if they do not have a way to present it to their customers. One of the best ways to get people interested in a project or new idea is to show them exactly what the project entails. Gathering potential clients and investors is a great way to introduce a product, and using a projector will allow companies to display their vision. When choosing a projector, it is important to pick one that offers the most vibrant picture possible. A quality projector will have good contrast, a wide range of brightness settings, and enough options to give the user sufficient control of everything on the projector. Even though it is a relatively new market, projectors are already becoming more portable. Several smartphone manufacturers now include small projectors in their phones. This is a great option for businesspeople on the road that may need to give an impromptu presentation.

– Streaming video
Streaming video is a new technology that is beginning to gain prominence in the business world. By offering clients a live video stream, companies will be able to spread up-to-the-minute information about new product launches, production of certain items, or other breaking news. By using streaming video, companies do not have to rely solely on news stations to offer coverage of a new product launch. Streaming videos over a website offers users a major advantage when it comes to watching videos online. People no longer need to wait to download a video, as they can instantly watch it within a few seconds of clicking a link.

Communication technology is changing the way that a business functions. Companies now have more technology at their fingertips because of the decrease in the price of many pieces of equipment. This has allowed for companies both big and small to stay competitive in a global market.

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