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Danger, Will Robinson! Why You Should Include an Emergency Paging System in Your Emergency Response Plan

Emergencies are an unavoidable part of life.

No matter where you live, disasters, be they natural or caused by humans, can happen. And, while we cannot avoid them, we can prepare ourselves to deal with them when they come.

If you run a small business, having an emergency response plan in place is an absolute necessity.

While you shouldn’t spend a lot of your time worrying about a potential disaster, you should know what you and your employees will do should one occur.

Having an emergency paging system as a part of your overall response plan can improve your team’s ability to react and respond to any crisis.

Here’s how a paging system can help to improve your current emergency response system.

Quickly Share Vital Information

When disaster strikes, it can be difficult to know what’s going on and how to react. One of the most dangerous aspects of crisis is confusion and the spread of misinformation.

With an emergency paging system, you’ll have a uniform way to relay all pertinent information to your entire team quickly and all at once.

You’ll also be able to gather information and give your coworkers and employees updates as the situation progresses.

Having control over the information your team receives can help direct their reaction. Which, is something that can play a significant role in keeping everyone safe no matter what the emergency.

Ensure Everyone Gets the Message

No matter how good you think your in-office messaging system is, someone always misses a memo.

You can’t chain your coworkers and employees to their respective screens and workstations. So, it makes sense that a message or note gets lost in the shuffle every so often.

While a missed email or text wouldn’t ordinarily spell the end of the world, during the event of a disaster or emergency, it could make all the difference.

With an emergency paging system, you can rest assured that should the need arise you’ll be able to reach every member of your team.

Signal Immediate Danger

With an emergency paging system the moment something happens, you can let your entire company know about it. Which, is something that is vital in situations where you must take immediate action.

There’s no waiting for everyone to get to their screens or workstations and no bricks of text to filter through.

Everyone can find out exactly what’s going on and what they need to do instantly, allowing everyone the opportunity to react quickly.

This feature can be a life-saver in situations that require either lockdown or evacuation.

Finding an Emergency Paging System

No one wants to dwell on the what-ifs of a potential emergency or disaster. But, not thinking about these types of crisis won’t stop them from happening.

The best thing we can do is have a plan in place and prepare ourselves just in case we ever have to face a worst-case scenario.

Adding an emergency paging system to your response system can help your small business take the next step in preparedness.

If you’re ready to get your office prepared for whatever disaster could potentially come its way, we can help.

Contact us for more information about our available systems or to start outfitting your office today.