Audio visual technology

4 Reasons Your Company Should Upgrade Its AV Technology ASAP

In today’s ever-changing world of audio visual technology, offices are always looking for the latest and greatest AV installations to keep up with the way they do business. These days, offices make use of Bluetooth technology, cloud computing—96% of organizations use it in some form—and telecom and VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) to name a few things to stay at forefront of technology.

If your office isn’t using some of these technological advances, you should be. In the case of just cloud computing alone, at least 80% of companies that adopt some form of cloud computing see improvements in their respective IT departments in six months or less.

If it’s been a while since your office had an audio visual technology upgrade, here are four big reasons why that needs to change ASAP:

Sharing Information

One of the biggest reasons why you need an audio visual technology upgrade is so that your company can share important information. While cloud computing has made sharing information much easier, it’s also important to have the right AV equipment. Having displays in the office can be a great way to share information and ideas while also being able to receive feedback. Investing in certain AV programs makes it easier to share company information both through wireless and hardwired connections, meaning you get everyone focused on collaboration and not on trying to make sure everyone can participate.

Easier to Use

Another benefit is that outdated audio visual technology is hard to manage. It doesn’t matter if you’re trying to make a presentation to prospective clients or update the corporate office on company financials or even trying to play music, within the right AV equipment you can be dead in the water very quickly. This leads to endless frustration and spending time and money on AV installations. Rather than being stressed by your company’s AV technology, get updated solutions that allow for interfacing online or via an app.

Better Equipment

One of the biggest mistakes companies make with AV installation is only focus on the equipment aspect of the installation. If you’re going to do it right, it’s essential to focus on more than just equipment. What does that mean? It means that AV experts or AV installers should take office layout and acoustics into account. Doing this can have benefits like avoiding echoes during important meetings, protecting private conversations and eliminating outside noise. Good AV installers should also know where to put things like cameras and microphones so that everyone can be seen and heard during any inter-office meetings.

Office Motivation

Believe it or not, updated audio visual technology can also help you play music in the office. Surveys have found that music can be a great motivator in the office, helping to improve the mood and increase productivity. Thankfully, today’s modern AV solution can allow employees to easily access streaming services like Pandora and Spotify and play them for the entire office. The only thing an office manager has to worry about is making sure everyone gets a chance to play their favorite music.


As you can see, there are many benefits to updating the audio visual technology in your office. Not only does it keep the office running efficiently, but it helps avoid costly, time-consuming equipment breaks and having too much media spread out over too many locations. The last thing you want during an important corporate meeting is to have equipment malfunctions or video with no audio (or vice versa). That’s going to lead to frustration and it’s going to annoy the higher-ups at the company.

To keep your company at the forefront of changes in technology, do some research and find a reputable AV company to come in and give your company’s AV systems a complete overhaul. You may just be surprised at how outdated some of your company’s tech is and how much faster and smoother office operations are with brand-new equipment.