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What Is an Emergency Response Center?

Want to learn more about emergency response centers? Did you know that natural disasters caused over $306 billion worth of damage in the US last year? Federal aid claims jumped tenfold from the year before. California’s Tubbs fire, alone, destroyed

5 Impressive Ways a Remote System Monitor Keeps Your Business Safe

Owning and running your business is a significant feat. That’s why protecting its reputation is paramount.  You need something in place to sound the alarm the second there’s been a breach or an outage. Remote management and monitoring provide that

How Audiovisual Technology Can Help Your Business

Technology is constantly evolving these days, and audiovisual technology is no exception. Yet, we are not using this technology to its full potential. Audiovisual technology can still do a lot for business. The good news is that businesses have realized

How to Choose the Best Audio Visual System for Your Conference Room

Have you experienced poor sound quality during a conference call? Have you ever been in an important video conference and the display fails? Not only is this an inefficient use of labor, but also an unprofessional look for your company.

4 Innovative Ways to Use A/V Classroom Technology in Higher Education

If you’re in education, you need to look for new and different ways to reach your students. Today, this typically involves some form of classroom audio visual technology. You will get a lot of rewards when you use technology in

2018’s Coolest New Audio Visual Technology

In our fast-paced world, having the best audio/visual technology is everything. It must be able to handle the toughest conditions, both on the battlefield and in a corporate office. It increases a company’s profitability and improves global communication. Innovative AV technology attracts millennials

Kean University Debuts a World-Class Performance Space with Stewart Filmscreen Centerstage

Kean University is a cosmopolitan university serving undergraduate and graduate students in the liberal arts, the sciences, and the professions.

The IESIL LAB at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD

When the I2WD division of the US ARMY, along with their consulting group JSC, LLC Consultants, decided to seek out a premier Audio Visual Integrator for the room Design Peer Review, Engineering and…

Going ‘Green’ in A/V Technology

In our generation we have realized the importance of preserving our environment and our planet; hence, ‘green’ technology and solutions in daily life are everywhere. By going ‘green’, a company or organization can improve the amount…

Real Time Streaming Protocol

Real time streaming protocol, or presentation control protocol, commonly known as RTSP, is a standard protocol widely used for efficiently controlling the streaming of audio and video data over the internet.


Business meetings between parties in distant locations can be frustrating and inefficient when communicating via telephone. TelePresence technology can change the way that

Audio Conferencing – The Convenient Way to Hold a Meeting

Through audio conferencing, business professionals have the capability of attending a business meeting in London at 9am, in Tokyo at 12pm, and Buenos Aires at 2pm all in the same day.