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VOIP Networks and Philadelphia School District Begin Unified Communications Partnership

Technology is changing the ways we communicate with one another on a daily basis. Most of these changes are minimally noticed as most consumers mostly interact with technology built around the experience of the end-user. Still, there’s a massively complex

How to Use Audiovisual Installations in Training and Talent Development

Imagine attending a rock concert only to find the band standing awkwardly in front of a beige wall under harsh fluorescent lighting. No smoke. No lasers. No light show. Just a loud, disengaging experience. In much the same way, modern

Here Is How You Can Actually Improve Employee Communication with Paging Systems

Carl’s lunch exploded in the office kitchen. The entire room is on fire but the fire alarm is compromised.  Activate danger mode.  This is office training 101. What do you do?  You may think to call, email, or shout down the hall

Telecom and Voip: What Is Voip? and Why Does Your Emergency Response Center Need One?

Between 2012 and 2020, the worldwide usage of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is expected to more than double, and generate a revenue of $86.20 billion. Businesses are finding a myriad of uses for the technology, and saving up to 40%

Cloud Computing with Confidence: How to Improve Your Cloud Storage Security

The use of the cloud is almost universal, with 96 percent of organizations having adopted it. The bulk of these organizations use more than one cloud. The benefits of cloud computing can’t be oversold, which is why we’ve seen such

Cloud Computing: 5 Fantastic Benefits of Outsourced IT Services in the Cloud

Nearly half of IT spending was cloud-based in 2018 and that figure is expected to reach 60 percent by 2020.   Cloud computing is a collection of servers and equipment housed in external data centers run by a third party provider.

How to Choose the Best Remote Managed Systems for Your Operation

70% of people around the world work remotely at least once a week. The larger your business gets, the more difficult managing them remotely can be. This is where remote managed systems can help. Read on to learn more about remote

Cloud Computing: Why You Need It and How to Get It

Cloud computing is child prodigy of the internet. It is brilliant, constantly developing and just like its parent, it is becoming more and more essential to modern business. So what is cloud computing? Like its name, the meaning is slightly nebulous.

Danger, Will Robinson! Why You Should Include an Emergency Paging System in Your Emergency Response Plan

Emergencies are an unavoidable part of life. No matter where you live, disasters, be they natural or caused by humans, can happen. And, while we cannot avoid them, we can prepare ourselves to deal with them when they come. If

What Is an Emergency Response Center?

Want to learn more about emergency response centers? Did you know that natural disasters caused over $306 billion worth of damage in the US last year? Federal aid claims jumped tenfold from the year before. California’s Tubbs fire, alone, destroyed

5 Impressive Ways a Remote System Monitor Keeps Your Business Safe

Owning and running your business is a significant feat. That’s why protecting its reputation is paramount.  You need something in place to sound the alarm the second there’s been a breach or an outage. Remote management and monitoring provide that

How Audiovisual Technology Can Help Your Business

Technology is constantly evolving these days, and audiovisual technology is no exception. Yet, we are not using this technology to its full potential. Audiovisual technology can still do a lot for business. The good news is that businesses have realized