4 Innovative Ways to Use Audio Visual Technology in the Classroom

If you’re in education, you need to look for new and different ways to reach your students. Today, this typically involves some form of classroom audio visual technology.

You will get a lot of rewards when you use technology in the classroom the right way. Use the strategy below so that you’re making your students’ learning experience better as a whole.

Integrate Classroom Technology With Video Walls

Whether you are looking to help your students take notes or deepen the impression of lessons, you can get a lot of use out of video walls. If you have large-scale classroom sizes, installing video walls can provide incredible value.

College professors can have students log in to Skype-like video platforms using their tablets, with their faces, votes, and responses popping up on the instruction wall throughout the lesson.

Stock up on some quality tablets to use in the classroom and make sure that they have learning apps and multimedia technology.

It’s a new day in the way that students learn, as this is a generation has been using tablets from the time they were babies. Since your students’ brains are wired this way, use the technology to work with them.

You can also use video walls for TED Talk like presentations, backdrops for theatrical performances and so much more.

Embrace Cloud Computing

There’s no such thing as losing homework or discrepancies and due dates when you set up cloud computing platforms.

Allow your students to drop their assignment from the cloud so that you can streamline the classwork and homework process.

This way, your students and their parents will also have instantaneous access to grades. By getting this up to the moment access to grades, students can shift focus and make adjustments quickly as opposed to having to wait for report cards or midterms.

Continuously Build and Improve Your Classroom Infrastructure

You’ll want to always have access to the in-class equipment and technology to make every day a pleasure. Maximize the learning environment by incorporating digital auditorium principles and installations.

With a digital auditorium, you’ll have access to state of the art screens, theatrical lighting and seating arrangements that are great for standard class instruction and events alike.

Make Use of 3D Technology

Your classroom will be ramped up when you decide to incorporate 3D technology in the form of visual presentations and 3D printers.

For instance, imagine a history presentation that makes your students feel like they’re actually going through it. Getting your hands on 3D printers will help you teach your students STEM principles. Imagine the realistic engineering projects your students can create when they have access to printers when needed.

Use Classroom Technology to Your Advantage

So as you can see, there are lots of different ways that audio visual technology in the classroom can ramp up your ability to teach your students.This is a field that you can expect to take off rapidly over the next few years.

If you would like to learn more about educational technology and how it can improve the educational atmosphere, stop by our site and check out the vast resources that we’ve put together!