Here Are the Top Reasons You Need an Emergency Pager System

Did you know the telephone pager system was patented in 1949? This seems like eons ago when it comes to communication technology today. New communication gadgets enter the market every day. In light of the rapid changes in the communication industry, one would expect a communication gadget launched as long ago as the pager to become obsolete.

The pager is, however, not outdated. In fact, these handy little tools are key when it comes to streamlining your business. Here are some reasons why a company may need to install an emergency pager system.

You Need Resilient Transmission

One of the reasons why pagers are still in the market today is due to their resilience and reliability. Unlike the walkie-talkie transmitters which transmit across short distances, pagers transmit over long distances and come with simulcast redundancies. This makes them a great alternative to cell phones, as well. The downside of using cell towers is that they communicate on a relay system. If one tower fails to transmit a signal due to electrical interference, the entire system may fail to send.

Thus, a pager system is one of the best options to prevent downtime in your communication. In the event you don’t want to use the system throughout your entire business, you can install an emergency pager system to be deployed during cell phone downtime. Remember, resilience is one of the reasons why pager systems are still widely used by emergency service providers.

You Need an Energy-Efficient Communication System

Phones and other communication devices, on average, need to be plugged in for charging at least once a day. The need for charging means that a cell would be useless in the event there is no power. One of the first casualties of natural disasters is power lines. During emergencies, you need a system that can withstand a lack of electricity. Unlike phones, pagers only need a couple of AA batteries which you can buy from any store. Depending on the brand, these batteries can keep your pager working for a long time.

You Need to Save On the Running Costs

To use cell phones, you must make regular payments to service providers. The amount you spend monthly on this could run into thousands of dollars depending on the number of people you have using phones. Other technologies have tried to reduce communication costs, but this can still add up in the end. For example, the cost of VoIP is about 40% less than other phone systems. Be this as it may, pagers are in a class of their own: their prices are much lower. When your staff all have pagers, it saves you a considerable amount of money in phone bills.

Pagers are also less likely to be damaged compared to other communication systems. With smartphones becoming bigger every day, the consequences of an accident are usually devastating. By contrast, pagers are much lighter and less susceptible to damage. When you consider all these cost benefits, you might end up realizing that you not only need an emergency pager system, but you might also need pagers as your primary form of communication.

When compared to other communication devices, emergency pager systems win every time. When you’re ready to invest in a communication system that works, rely on AVS Installations today.