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6 Ways AV Installations Can Enhance Business Productivity

Audiovisual (AV) installations have fundamentally transformed internal and external business communication. Adoptions of AV solutions such as VOIP and video conferencing can help ease the process of communication within your organization while also making it more effective. Research into how this new technology shows that:

  • 96% of remote workers insist conference calls improves their productivity due to face-to-face interactions.
  • Small and medium businesses using VIOP recorded 40% savings on calls or up to $1200 a month.
  • Business executives now use web conferencing at least once a week, with estimates showing a 45% continued adoption rate.

The figures can help explain the growing demand for VOIP teleconferencing. Overall, audio visual technology will continue to impact how businesses communicate with their clients, suppliers, and staff. Here are some benefits accrued from VOIP AV installations.

Efficient Communication

AV solutions within the modern conference room continue to enhance communication between staff and clients. The integration of a smartboard may help your employees present their ideas better with everyone accessing the large interactive display. A premium VOIP system allows high-quality sound for effective communication across all participants within the conference call.

Increased Employee Engagement

In today’s fast-paced business world, effective collaboration among your employees is essential. AV installations may be the silver bullet you may have been looking for all along. A recent report by Lifesize shows that 40% of business executives who utilize video conferencing noted increased employee participation. Teleconferencing minimizes disruptions and keeps your employees focused on the meeting at hand.

Remote Attendees

With the millennial workforce consistently preferring flexibility in the job space, the adoption of AV systems can enable businesses to adapt to this emerging trend. A recent study shows more than 51% of employees have taken a business video call while at home, 21% during vacation. Businesses can conduct meeting through cloud-based teleconferencing with staff spread out around the world.

Increased Productivity

AV installations such a ‘plug and go’ wireless presentation systems allow for flawless presentations during business meetings. The easy to navigate interface means everyone can analyze the data presented effectively. 55% of businesses that utilize AV solutions agree that video conferencing makes them more collaborative. The closer interactions mean increased productivity within the office space.

Saves on Time and Money

The impact of AV solutions on business finances is staggering. 47% of companies record a drop in travel expenses through the use of secure telecommunication systems. Small and medium-sized businesses have saved over $1200 a month through the use of VIOP over traditional landlines. Wireless connectivity in conference rooms has also reduced the time required to connect a plethora of devices for a simple presentation.

Creating Winning Marketing Strategies

Companies are slowing embracing Audiovisual installations for their shop floors and retail showrooms. The Experts tap into the Augmented Reality (AR) space to create interactive display boards that help your customers visualize and ‘feel” the product even before purchasing it. Integrating AV systems for your marketing team may help improve customer satisfaction through well-targeted marketing campaigns.

In Conclusion

Investing in audiovisual systems can significantly impact your office productivity. From internal presentations to marketing your products to clients, AV installations allow you to present your brand message through effective communication effectively.