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audio visual systems Kean University

Kean University Debuts a World-Class Performance Space with Stewart Filmscreen Centerstage

Kean University is a cosmopolitan university serving undergraduate and graduate students in the liberal arts, the sciences, and the professions.

The IESIL LAB at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, MD

When the I2WD division of the US ARMY, along with their consulting group JSC, LLC Consultants, decided to seek out a premier Audio Visual Integrator for the room Design Peer Review, Engineering and…

Going ‘Green’ in A/V Technology

In our generation we have realized the importance of preserving our environment and our planet; hence, ‘green’ technology and solutions in daily life are everywhere. By going ‘green’, a company or organization can improve the amount…

Real Time Streaming Protocol

Real time streaming protocol, or presentation control protocol, commonly known as RTSP, is a standard protocol widely used for efficiently controlling the streaming of audio and video data over the internet.


Business meetings between parties in distant locations can be frustrating and inefficient when communicating via telephone. TelePresence technology can change the way that

Audio Conferencing – The Convenient Way to Hold a Meeting

Through audio conferencing, business professionals have the capability of attending a business meeting in London at 9am, in Tokyo at 12pm, and Buenos Aires at 2pm all in the same day.

An In-Depth Look at NOC Services

To the casual computer user who views the internet as a supplementary source of information or entertainment, the term NOC might seem confusing. It can very well be, but in taking

How To Use Streaming Video

Companies today need to find fresh and innovative ways to both expand and stay competitive. No longer can a business depend solely on its reputation to bring in new customers. Businesses both big

Setting Up an Emergency Paging System

It may beep or it might light up, vibrate, or give an audible signal. Pagers are portable communications devices that can be used for sending short messages. The forerunner of the pager was used in 1921

Types of Communication in Communication Technology

Mass media has expanded from end users to high-end business owners who are looking for ways to heighten the listening

IP Video Services

Some of the most popular forms of entertainment on the internet are various types of videos. Tons of video websites such as Youtube and Hulu have gained popularity for watching videos on the web.

Will Live Streaming Video Eliminate The Way We Conference?

When networking and reaching out to clients, as well as making business deals, conferencing is vital to every business. How effective a conference