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Rutgers Stadium/Athletic Fields
Project Value: $65K
Designed by AVS
Engineered and Installed by AVS
Year of Project Completion: 2012

When Rutgers wished to update the sound system in their stadium and athletic fields, they turned to AVSI to develop a high quality audio system. AVSI was contracted to furnish, install, and test the new Public Address system. Thanks to AVSI’s extensive experience in designing audio systems, the AVSI team was able to provide a design that a Rutgers representative approved.

In order to improve the audio experience of players and fans at the stadium and the athletic fields, AVSI developed an extensive system that included head-end and distribution cabinets, audio power amplifiers, audio mixers, cables and connectors, and tools such as field speakers and volume attenuators. This equipment created an environment where everyone in the stadium could clearly understand any audio communications. AVSI worked hard to ensure that the system was free from defects of any sort. Rutgers wanted a high quality system that was still easy to operate and maintain.

This audio system was created by AVSI with the intention of preventing any distortion, audio hums, glitches, or noise pulses, etc. As AVSI put the new sound system into place, the team conducted testing to ensure that none of these problems would be prevalent upon completion of the installation. AVSI was committed to providing a system that they could offer under warranty due to its high quality.

In order to be sure that Rutgers would be satisfied with the sound system, AVSI submitted written proposals for any necessary changes to the original design. Additionally, AVSI only utilized equipment that had been thoroughly tested and approved. Through these efforts, AVSI was able to create a successful new sound system that provided clear audio signals throughout the stadium and athletic fields.