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PSE&G Hadley Road Rennovation
Project Value: $200K
Year Completed 2012
Designed by : AVS

The project was a total renovation of the facility including adding new rooms.
AVS renovated the main auditorium, which included replacement of large projection screens, as well as replacement of aging RF wireless microphones. An overflow room adjacent to the room included the installation of two 55” LCD monitors on articulating mounts, ceiling speakers, PC integration plate, as well as an AMX touch panel. The room can act independently in addition to its original overflow purpose.
An existing conference room was removed prior to the renovation, and the reinstallation was part of the project.
A cafeteria A/V system, including three 55” monitors and ceiling speakers, was installed. A Biamp RED-1 controls the volume in this space.
A small conference room for the engineering department consisted of a projector, powered ceiling speakers, a screen, and an under table PC interface.
Three offices for senior management were outfitted with LCD monitors and PC interfaces. Blu Ray players and cable TV were also provided.
Four VTC carts using Cisco C40 CODEC and Sharp 70” touch screen monitors were installed. One of the carts was delivered to the corporate office in Newark. PC integration was also provided on the carts.
A fitness center was also part of the renovation project. Seven 46” LCD monitors were installed in the space. An audio system consisting of ceiling mounted speakers as well as wall mounted volume controls and a Sirius Radio package were installed in the space.