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VOIP Networks and Philadelphia School District Begin Unified Communications Partnership

Technology is changing the ways we communicate with one another on a daily basis. Most of these changes are minimally noticed as most consumers mostly interact with technology built around the experience of the end-user. Still, there’s a massively complex

How to Use Audiovisual Installations in Training and Talent Development

Imagine attending a rock concert only to find the band standing awkwardly in front of a beige wall under harsh fluorescent lighting. No smoke. No lasers. No light show. Just a loud, disengaging experience. In much the same way, modern

Here Is How You Can Actually Improve Employee Communication with Paging Systems

Carl’s lunch exploded in the office kitchen. The entire room is on fire but the fire alarm is compromised.  Activate danger mode.  This is office training 101. What do you do?  You may think to call, email, or shout down the hall