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National Constitution Center
Project Value: $478000
Designed by AVS
Engineered and Installed by AVS
Year of Project Completion: 2006

In 2006, the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, PA, wanted to install a state-of-the-art audio-visual system in their Founders’ Room while maintaining a historic museum feel. Given AVS’ previous success in engineering and installing low-profiled A/V systems, AVS Installations LLC was selected to take charge of the project.

With a focus on preserving the Founders’ Room’s historic aesthetic, AVS designed an integrated audio-visual system that included options for both the digital display and audio playback. A custom-designed, high-resolution projector was the centerpiece of the project. Only visible while in use, the projector was equipped with a special lift that retracted it into the ceiling to hide it from view at all other times. Presenters may use the projector to display media from computer connections, DVD and VCR sources, and video conferencing options. A small, wall-mounted microphone below the projector screen allows for both video conferencing with external viewers and the recording of all events that take place in the Founders’ Room.

The audio system was similarly designed to minimize visible technological overload within the National Constitution Center. Ceiling-mounted speakers were installed to provide clear, high-quality speech audio without invasive, bulky amplification units. AVS also installed eight custom, ceiling-mounted microphones, while also installing two wireless microphone systems that would allow additional microphones to be brought in without the necessity of wires trailing across the floor. A wireless touch panel, tucked away in a discreet corner of the Founders’ Room, controls the entire system.

A custom-designed podium hid a laptop connection point, as well as a wired microphone, enabling speakers to bring additional media into the Founders’ Room without cluttering the space with personal equipment.