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Marine Reserve Center, FT Dix
Scope: 128,661 gsf, 16.9 Acres, Structural Steel
Construction Mgr.: Harkins Builders
Architect: Grimm + Parker / VOA

Project Value: $300K
Designed by AVS
Engineered and Installed by AVS
Year of Project Completion: 2010

Located in Fort Dix, New Jersey, the Marine Reserve Center chose to employ AVSI to develop a new Audiovisual Presentation System. The new system gave support to classrooms, offices, conference rooms, and a drill room, as well as a fitness center and a training storage room. For each room, AVSI tested the audiovisual system upon completion and then trained the client as to the use of the system.

The classrooms were outfitted with state of the art widescreen video/data projectors that were mounted on the ceiling of each room. A widescreen projection screen was also installed in the front of each classroom that could be controlled through the touch panel control system. Each classroom received multimedia classroom automated solutions that feature speakers, places to connect two computers, a microphone, and video sources. Interactive whiteboards and mobile carts further improved the possibilities for each room.

The conference rooms were also installed with a ceiling-mounted video/data projector and a widescreen projection screen. An HDTV also widened the options for each conference room. Multimedia classroom automated solutions were also included in the design of the conference rooms, providing access to speakers, microphones, and connections to computers and video sources. Equipment racks were mounted to store power supplies. Two computer interfaces added further control of the audiovisual system.

In the specified offices, AVSI installed HDTVs using tilt and swivel mounts. These TVs were also equipped with Blu-ray players. In the Drill Room, AVSI provided two sets of ceiling-mounted projectors and widescreen projection screens. The Drill Room also benefitted from multimedia classroom automated solutions, an interactive whiteboard, computer interfaces, and wall speakers. The fitness center and the training storage room were each installed with two HDTVs on tilt/swivel wall mounts.