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Infineum Customer Service Conference Area
Project Value: $60,000
Designed by AVS Installation, LLC
Engineered and Installed by AVS Installation, LLC
Year of Project Completion: 2013

When Infineum, a world leader in the petroleum additive industry, made the decision to update and reconfigure their customer service conference area, AVS Installation, LLC was selected as the vendor of choice to design, engineer, and install A/V equipment in the new conference room at the company’s Linden, NJ headquarters. The new conference area combines innovation with ease of use to provide Infinium with the best possible technological resources with which to address customer concerns.

AVS held the latest in communication technology at front of mind when redesigning the conference area. Two large, high resolution screens were installed to ensure that anyone involved in a teleconference or presentation would have an optimal view from any point in the room. Likewise, two wall-mounted cameras allow off-site viewers to have an eagle’s eye perspective on all functions held in the room. Ease of communication was also emphasized with audio equipment, as well. Eight speakers and six microphones were mounted on the ceiling to ensure for crisp sound in both directions.

Even with this wealth of up-to-the-minute technology, users of the Infinium customer service conference area will have no trouble operating the innovative systems. To ensure that all communication takes place without technological glitches, AVS supplied a remote control system for all components of the A/V system. The wireless remotes put volume and camera control at the fingertips of anyone who might want to use the system, regardless of their knowledge of computers, cameras, or audio. AVS worked with the end users at Infineum to design presets for the system to maximize usability, guaranteeing once again that the customer service conference area may effectively serve as a hub of communication.