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I2WD Control Room, APG MD
Project Value: $478,000
Designed by AVS Installation, LLC
Engineered and Installed by AVS Installation, LLC
Year of Project Completion: 2012

When the United States Army required a new I2WD Control Room at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland, AVS Installation, LLC was selected as the vendor of choice to design, engineer, and install a secure, functional, and innovative audio/visual system. Throughout the project, AVS consistently adhered to the stringent guidelines necessary for doing work with the US Army.

The I2WD control room acts as the central hub of eight conference rooms, with potential operability for future additional conference rooms. This master control room allows for on-demand, direct viewing of the conference rooms, as well as audio monitoring. In addition to one-way viewing and listening, users of the control room can videoconference with individuals in the conference rooms, and communicate verbally through an intercom system. Users of the control room can view up to four conference rooms simultaneously, through four large LCD monitors mounted by AVS.

AVS focused on straightforward usability in terms of operator controls. Within the control room, AVS provided two large, high-definition touch screen panels that provide an interface for all devices. This includes an audio-switching device that will allow operators to seamlessly integrate audio input from the eight conference rooms through the control room’s two speakers.

As Aberdeen Proving Ground remains in construction, AVS designed the central control room to be able to accommodate future additions and modifications. Currently, up to two additional conference rooms can be added to the control room’s systems without changes to the A/V infrastructure, and there is ample flexibility in AVS’ design to allow for the construction of additional bridging systems. Throughout the I2WD control room project, AVS demonstrated the ability to combine flexibility with military-grade security and requirements.