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US Army I2WD Base Relocation
Project Value: $1.8 million
Designed by AVS
Engineered and Installed by AVS
Year of Project Completion: 2011

When the United States Army needed to transport and rebuild an entire A/V system during the BRAC relocation of Fort Monmouth, AVS was selected as vendor of choice to design, engineer, and install equipment for a series of state-of-the art conference rooms. The eight Turnkey conference rooms combine usability, innovation, and Army-grade privacy, and use connective fibers to allow for the quick and secure transfer of information from one conference room to another.

The new conference rooms, custom centered on the Main’s VTC Conference Room, each feature multiple prominent 65” wall-mounted monitors, which enable clear views of material from every seat. Each conference table is outfitted with a simple connectivity interface for personal computers and devices, including power and network cables. At every seat, a microphone may be used for in-room amplification ceiling speakers, or to take part in high-definition videoconferencing between conference rooms or with external correspondents. All communications may be directed over fiber cables and through a central control room, where they can be forwarded to any of the other networked conference rooms.

Throughout all phases of the $2 million relocation project, AVS successfully turned their attention to detail to the strict regulations governing BRAC relocations. Given the military nature of the Fort Monmouth relocation project, security was a high priority, and AVS was well-equipped to deal with these specific needs. Each communicative aspect of the conference rooms was developed with high security standards in mind. AVS ensured that all aspects of the videoconferencing software could run in secure and unsecure modes. In addition, status displays in the doorways alert entering and exiting personnel as to the current security status of conversations and events taking place in an individual conference room.