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Highbridge Capital Management Videoconferencing & Audio Visual Presentation Rooms
Project Value: $267,000
Designed by AVS Installation, LLC
Engineered and Installed by AVS Installation, LLC
Year of Project Completion: 2009

In 2009, Highbridge Capital Management decided to update the audio and visual systems in the conference rooms of the company’s main facility in New York City. Highbridge Capital Management selected AVS Installation, LLC as the vendor of choice to design, engineer, and install a new A/V system that would offer Highbridge’s team adequate space to collaborate using the very latest in communication, audio, and visual technology.

AVS worked on creating a number of rooms custom-tailored to Highbridge’s needs. A specialized presentation room was designed with the idea of creating the best possible learning environment. A high-resolution monitor receives input from two different computer stations, allowing presenters to easily showcase video, images, slideshows, and any other form of visual media. Ceiling-mounted microphones and a high quality audio conferencing system ensure that every question and answer session will run smoothly.

Two videoconferencing rooms provide all the equipment for long-distance collaboration to occur as if all participants were in the very same room. Each of the videoconferencing areas sports large, high-resolution plasma screens and high definition cameras so that no gesture, expression, or long-range eye contact will be missed. Likewise, AVS supplied table-mounted microphones to guarantee that every single word makes it to its intended audience.

Finally, AVS designed two meeting rooms to foster cooperative work aided by technological innovation. Computer interfaces and a DVD/VCR player are linked to a high resolution screen at the front of the room, so that participants may visually demonstrate any and all ideas to their colleagues, and microphones and amplifiers make everyone’s voice heard.

Of course, to make sure that all meetings, presentations, and conferences run efficiently, all of this technology came with easy-to-use wireless controls, and extensive training from AVS instructors.