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Mission Statement

From inception, our company and products representation have been committed to both supporting go green technology and lifestyle. We represent, sell and install products designed to radically reduce the carbon footprint for ourselves, prospective customers and our committed AVSI client base while achieving business growth and enhancing the quality of life.

As a technology integrator and professional services company, the over 200 manufacturer’s we represent are by nature in compliance with the European Union (EU) Directive 202/95/EC Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). However, as a small but growing organization, we remain committed to strive and ensure that our own operational practices support conservation of natural resources and reduce the impact on the environment.


AVSI represents and installs many Video Communications Technologies that greatly reduces the carbon footprint of our customers by making business travel discretionary and deferrable, rather than mandatory and immediate. By adding a complete array of interactive collaborative tools to our immersive state-of-the-art video conferencing systems, AVSI selected product will virtually eliminate the need for traveling across the world by plane, across the city by car – and even across the enterprise campus by elevator or escalator. In addition, we can empower remote and mobile workers to the degree that there is no compelling business need to be located in a central office. As a company, our fundamental responsibility is to practice what we preach. In order to use the various technologies we represent and to set an example for others, we have implemented the following initiatives:

Green Operations


With the exception of attending key tradeshows and analyst events (and even in these exceptions, the majority of key company personnel attend in some form of Video or TelePresence), AVSI executives and employees are almost zero travel.

Sales and marketing operations (such as pre- and post-sales and support, live demonstrations, product training, customer briefings, etc.) that would normally require intensive travel, lodging, entertainment, and lost productivity costs, are conducted many times via Video Conference or Telepresence. In addition, our local and remote engineering staffs provide final network tuning and systems debugging (beyond the physical installation piece) remotely, reducing the need for on-site customer visits.

Virtual offices.

AVSI is our “real estate”. Although we are only a 22-person company, virtually all AVSI executives and sales staff are often able to telecommute when convenient or required from home offices. We have also been able to minimize our need for duplicate fabrication facilities beyond our Edison facility. All intra-company operations and technical communications can be conducted via our ability to interoperate desktop conferencing solutions with our in-house VTC solutions. This includes meetings, staff management, R&D, marketing, sales, and IT support.

Paperless offices.

We are committed to eliminating the need for paper by delivering most documentation via email and our webpage, coupled with internal document management and workflow practices.

Green Partners

We provide access to our VTC Systems for our remote sales offices and key vendors in order to reduce the cost of doing business together and enhance mutual business models. In addition, we outfit our remote sales offices with Telepresence Codec Farms and a reduction in monthly cost to our first class managed video network to provide best-case sales demonstrations, to improve our own operations, and to greatly enhance our intra-business relationships.

Green Components

AVSI is committed to choosing and representing manufacturing platforms that comply with our client’s networks and operations. In addition, individual deployments require a wide variety of peripherals such as displays, video cameras, document cameras, touch panels, microphones, audio mixers, amplifiers, etc. In all cases, we recommend Green Compliance as a part of our certification process for recommending components and peripherals to be used with our Audio Visual, VTC and all Technology Communications Systems.

Green Community

Our community vision supports and empowers our sales staff and some level of our office workers to become remote workers, to stay off the crowded roadways and away from the equally crowded skies, and stay at home enjoying more family and social time. AVSI’s growth plan facilitates and encourages office de-centralization, and greatly reduces or altogether eliminates the need for continual office build-out. We believe that office de-centralization through an increasingly remote workforce population means fewer cars on the roadways and a significant contribution to CO reduction.