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Clark HS Theatre
Project Value: $106K
Designed by AVS
Engineered and Installed by AVS
Year of Project Completion: 2009

AVS Installations was pleased to be selected as the vendor of choice in the design, engineering, and installation of a new A/V system for the Clark High School theatre. With a focus on theatrical performance and presentation, AVS created a live A/V system scaled to the needs of high school productions.

The Clark High School theatre’s new audio/playback system took center stage during the AVS remodel. Custom-made to take the theater’s unique acoustics into account, clusters of speakers project high-quality sound to all areas of the theatre while simultaneously allowing performers to hear themselves clearly and in real time. A variety of microphones give the stage incredible versatility, and simple connection sites provide an easy way to amplify electric instruments like guitars and keyboards over the sound system.

The whole sound system is controlled remotely from a projection booth that is perfect for helping students acquaint themselves with the technological aspects of running a play, show, or presentation. A touch panel provides a user-friendly interface with controls specified by members of the Clark High School staff and faculty. The sound system and additional media may also be controlled via a touch panel near the stage.

AVS also updated the existing digital projection system, adding multiple computer inputs and improving the prior DVD and VCR system. Coupled with the sound system, projection options offer increased functionality and allow the theatre to be used for a wide range of instructional and entertainment purposes.

When installation of the new audio-visual system was complete, specialists from AVS tested and optimized all sound settings and equipment, and also provided four hours of training to their clients at Clark High School.