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U.S. Army CERDEC Campus Building
Project Value: $1.5 mm
Designed by AVS
Engineered and Installed by AVS
Year of Project Completion: 2012

The video conferencing and presentation system for the CERDEC conference room was developed by AVSI and completed in 2012. The integrated multisite system was based around a display system created by four monitors and an audio system that incorporated ceiling speakers and amplifiers.

To allow high-quality video conferencing and presentations, AVSI installed two 70-inch LCD monitors at the front of the conference room using tilt wall mount brackets in order to increase clarity. Supplemental viewing sources for participants in the rear of the conference room were provided through two additional ceiling-mounted monitors. Located about halfway back, these two screens were mounted on the walls and tilted towards the back of the room.

Equipment for the conference room audiovisual system was housed in the two bay rack credenza that AVSI constructed. The items mounted on these racks included a codec, a camera switch, an audio processing system, a Blu-ray player, an amplifier, a matrix switch, and a control unit. The codec allowed for ISDN and IP video conferencing calls supported by an HD camera and multisite software. An additional Vaddio Wallview camera was utilized for better viewing of participants towards the front of the room.

Two computer interfaces were incorporated into the design, one for connecting a laptop to the system and one for the dedicated computer source. The audio system of the conference room included a telephone hybrid that connected the microphones and speakers in the room to the video conferencing system. These microphones included 12 ceiling-mounted low profile microphones that were designed to capture high-quality sounds from every part of the room. In order to allow in-depth control of the system, AVSI developed a custom remote control system that included a color touch panel as well as a virtual touch panel.