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U.S. Army CECOM/G8
Project Value: $200K
Designed by AVS
Engineered and Installed by AVS
Year of Project Completion: 2012

The U.S. Army recently contracted with AVSI to provide and install turnkey multimedia video conferencing and presentation systems for two conference rooms as well as a presentation system for a training room. The system that AVSI developed was an integrated, high definition system. After installation was finished, AVSI ran tests to make sure that all equipment was properly balanced for optimum performance in each room. The team then provided training to systems operators in addition to a one-year service contract.

In the conference rooms, AVSI removed existing monitors before installing two new 60-inch LCD monitors. All the relevant equipment for each room was housed in a custom three bay credenza that featured thermal management, lockable doors, and rack rails. A Cisco codec and Natural Presenter software were provided to each conference room in order to facilitate video conferencing. Two cameras were placed in each room, as well as six low profile omnidirectional ceiling-mounted microphones.

AVSI recommended the use of a wired color touch panel for controlling the equipment. A multiformat matrix switching system created the flexibility to channel any source through any monitor or speaker. With the help of other additional equipment, both conference rooms were calibrated to be the highest quality sources of video conferencing possible.

The training room required a new 60-inch LCD monitor that was placed on a newly reinforced wall. The electrical power necessary for this new monitor was diverted to the location by AVSI. AVSI provided wall plates that allowed computers to connect to the system using HDMI computer cables. The monitor installed in the room included a high-quality audio system and a remote control, so additionally audio and control support was not necessary.