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Blenheim Capital NY/NJ VTC Conference & Telepresence
Project Value: $125K
Designed by AVS
Engineered and Installed by AVS
Year of Project Completion: 2012

AVSI’s project team developed a comprehensive AV system plan for the boardroom at Blenheim Capital Management’s New York City office. A high-quality audiovisual system was installed and tested at the corporate facility. In addition, AVSI offered informative training on the use of the AV system to the client.

A recessed cavity was created to house a 70-inch LCD screen capable of displaying video and computer imaging in the boardroom. Another cavity provided a location for a camera. The two source connection plates installed at either end of the table allowed VGA connectivity and HDMI capability as well as connection to computer audio, power, and LAN sources. A satellite receiver provided by an outside source was incorporated into AVSI’s designs. Six new ceiling-mounted speakers further supported a new audio and video conferencing system.

The audio system was supplemented with 4 low-profile microphones, while the video conference system included the capability of sharing computer presentations with the far site. AVSI included a remote control system in the design for the boardroom that utilized a wireless touchscreen. When all of these elements had been installed, the AVSI team carefully tested and balanced all audio settings and equalized the sound in order to generate the best response.

The display system was designed to allow a connection between various computer sources and the recessed LCD screen. Other possible sources of output included satellite TV and video conferencing. The interface was hidden underneath the conference room table. The audio system was optimized through the use of six high-quality speakers and four discreet microphones. The master remote control system was designed to have absolute control of all video and audio sources.