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Ballrooms, Short Hills Hilton
Project Value: $150K
Designed by AVS
Engineered and Installed by AVS
Year of Project Completion: 2007

When AVSI was chosen to update the sound system of the ballrooms at the Short Hills Hilton, the company designed a system that would fulfill all of the hotel’s requirements. The plan included the replacement of all existing ceiling speakers, amplifiers, mixers, combiners, and jack plates.

AVSI completely renovated the audio systems in ballrooms A, B, and C, as well as the audio systems in the boardrooms Summit, Chatham, the Milburn Suite (including Cambell and Condit), Hartshorne, Bonnell, and Livingston. Each room was outfitted with high-quality voice and program audio featuring state-of-the-art speakers and independent volume control in each area. The AVSI team also designed a user-friendly touch panel layout that made comprehensive control of the entire audio system easy and accessible.

The signal processing equipment was left in the same equipment room, but the racks were consolidated into one unit for all amplifiers and signal processing. The new equipment did not have rheostat adjustment knobs in order to prevent deterioration. AVSI provided a five-CD player and two channels of Musak, as well as a master touch panel and an audio monitor that allow an operator to see and hear any area. The system allows the operator to control all audio sources and volume in every room. In addition, the operator is able to combine or separate the audio of all three ballrooms.

The objectives of AVSI’s new system for the ballrooms were to increase the dependability of the audio systems, improve the sound quality, and provide in-depth control of the system. For the meeting rooms and boardroom audio systems, similar goals were achieved by updating the ceiling speakers and the microphone jacks. In addition, the meeting rooms and boardroom received a wall-mounted dynamic menu system.